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Comfort of your family is most important for you, continuous power supply to your business cannot be compromised, your villa needs to live its “powerful” status and your business cannot suffer because of the long power outages.

KOEL Green understands how continuous power supply is important for seamless operations of your business and for the comfort of your dear ones, that’s why KOEL Green brings to you ‘KOEL Chota Chilli’ Gensets which come from the house of Kirloskar, India’s #1 Genset brand specializes in manufacturing of Portable Power Generator for more than seven decades with superior durability & reliability and ensures smooth and clean power to all connected devices. In extended power outages, for powering loads like AC and pumps where UPS/inverter fails that’s when KOEL Chota Chilli provides continuous reliable power for long hours. 

KOEL’s well woven network of service with over 450 service outlets and more than 5000 trained technicians makes sure that there is one available in proximity irrespective of where ever you are located.

KOEL riding on its globally awarded supply chain process offers a 7-days delivery assurance to its esteemed customers. This means availability of Portable Power Generator just when you need it avoiding any more downtime for you and your home / business. 

KOEL Genset’s Fuel efficiency is optimized for the most common usage band of 50-75% loading. Best-in-class fuel economy helps you reduce running costs. Along with reduced running cost an efficient and user friendly array of AMC/CAMC packages are available for users to choose from with an objective of creating delightful ownership experience.

Below mentioned products are designed and categorized to provide you an end to end power backup solution:

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